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Random lnsanity / Why herro thar
« on: April 02, 2014, 02:46:36 pm »
So what is CRAP

What am I missing here >.>

My new nation is Casterly Rock

I see some alliance has already capitalized on the Game of Thrones craziness, which I was going to suggest as a way to boost member count

Random lnsanity / My zombie game
« on: July 21, 2008, 09:48:57 am »

If people who can't go there feel like playing a zombie board game over the internet, get an account, or I'll just post it here if it doesn't go anywhere at gfaqs.

Random lnsanity / It's probably over
« on: June 17, 2008, 10:50:09 pm »
I don't know what to do anymore.

See you guys tomorrow.

Random lnsanity / Please Listen
« on: June 14, 2008, 12:41:14 am »
A while back there was a girl. She was about to leave when her mother stopped her. Her mother had tears in her eyes. She begged her not to go.

The girl said, "Mom, I'm just going out with some friends." She walked out and shut the door. Her mom watched out the window, as the girl walked down the dark street. Her mom grabbed both sides of her head, and broke her neck.

The girl didn't know this as she walked to the park to meet her friends. She found them and they talked for awhile.

There were 9 of them there. 9 "friends." 5 guys. 4 girls. Her "friends." One of the girls pushed her down. She was confused as 4 of the guys raped her at the same time. Then the girls raped her too. Then the other guy raped her. Then all of them raped her together. Then a walrus walked up and raped her. Her little brother came and raped her.

There was more, but really, the point is just that she got the shit raped out of her. She limped back home crying. But once she got to the gate two ninjas grabbed her and raped her 5 times. At an 8.4 on the Tyson's Rape Scale. Then an old kung-fu master laughed at the sky yelling, "THISH ISH IT! AFTER ARR THE YEARSH OF PRANNING! MY VISHION HASH COME TRUE!" Then he raped her.

The girl was found an hour later and was rushed to the rape doctor. She was in critical rape condition. This was some Lifetime shit. The doctors had to operate quickly. They realized she was pregnant and was about to go into labor.

This usually takes 9 months. But she was raped REALLY BAD. She was in critical rape condition. So she died, but the baby............................................................................
.............. lived.

The baby grew up, and raped all of his relatives. He then raped EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the WHOLE PLANET! He then raped himself until he cried. He cried..... Then he killed himself. Because of how badly he raped himself.

Please, if you have any heart at all, then listen: This story is real. It happened to a close friend of mine. And they weren't the only one. It happens every day. If you don't post this story exactly 1 kajillion times, then you'll be raped to death by the rape monster. Please... Believe.

Random lnsanity / I don't get this comic
« on: June 07, 2008, 08:53:25 pm »

I don't get quite a few from there.

Random lnsanity / Superdude
« on: June 07, 2008, 07:40:10 pm »
superdude1000hs (7:31:54 PM): anyway, I should do an awesome suicide
superdude1000hs (7:31:58 PM): on RI
superdude1000hs (7:32:01 PM): or...
superdude1000hs (7:32:20 PM): do we call them something other than suicides?
superdude1000hs (7:32:25 PM): account suicides
superdude1000hs (7:32:31 PM): I'd post all this pron
superdude1000hs (7:32:35 PM): and stuff
badibidi (7:32:38 PM): Fa sho
badibidi (7:32:46 PM): Just make sure to do it when I'm around
badibidi (7:32:47 PM): Like
badibidi (7:32:48 PM): Nao
superdude1000hs (7:32:51 PM): yeah, no
superdude1000hs (7:32:59 PM): maybe when I get 777 karma or something
superdude1000hs (7:33:06 PM): I think I'm pretty close, actually
superdude1000hs (7:34:02 PM): oh, damn
superdude1000hs (7:34:08 PM): only 620
superdude1000hs (7:34:16 PM): maybe I should do it at 666 then
badibidi (7:34:29 PM): Yar
badibidi (7:34:33 PM): Or just do it today
badibidi (7:34:36 PM): 6/20
badibidi (7:34:46 PM): That was the day my grandfathers died
superdude1000hs (7:34:48 PM): today's the 7th
superdude1000hs (7:34:49 PM): oh
superdude1000hs (7:34:53 PM): wait, both of them?
badibidi (7:34:55 PM): Yeah
badibidi (7:35:00 PM): Really weird coincidence
superdude1000hs (7:35:04 PM): on the same day? that's freaky
superdude1000hs (7:35:08 PM): maybe they planned it
badibidi (7:35:11 PM): Different sides of the family
badibidi (7:35:16 PM): Never even spoken before
badibidi (7:35:21 PM): Or had spoken before I guess
superdude1000hs (7:36:31 PM): like, "hey old man, you know what would be more awesome than your wife?" "no you old geezer, what?" "we should both kick the bucket on the same day, that'll teach them for forgetting my four-hundredth birthday!" "all right! I'll bring the prune-whip!"
badibidi (7:36:56 PM): Nice
badibidi (7:37:05 PM): Making fun of my dead grandfathers
badibidi (7:37:11 PM): Want to bash my mom next?
badibidi (7:37:15 PM): For an extra laugh?
superdude1000hs (7:37:30 PM): no, I'm merely satirizing them to make them made of win and awesome
badibidi (7:37:36 PM): FUCK IT

This probably created some awkwardness in his world. If I was ever blinded, I'd just make people feel awkward all of the time. I kind of do that with my mom too, god bless the woman. But hell, she'd probably laugh too.


Random lnsanity / Holy moly
« on: May 31, 2008, 07:22:26 pm »
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSXK3nNXyao" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSXK3nNXyao</a>

That's a vid me and my friends made. The one with the brown hair in the middle is Lauren, my foxy woman. I'm on the left in the guys side.


That is all.

Random lnsanity / NPO declares on MK
« on: April 28, 2008, 05:52:09 pm »
I looked on with disgust as some curly-haired dicknose squirted ketchup onto a fry. Each individual fry, he used about half a packet of ketchup on. Not in a pile, or lump, but onto the individual sliced spud. Behavior like this really shows the lengths of fucktardation the human race can employ. Other examples include mixing mayonaisse with ketchup and mustard, sucking honey and jelly cups, and eating mayonaisse out of a jar, all of which are about as absurd as pissing the bed because you're too lazy to get up. Condiments in excess to a certain degree really disgust me I guess. There's a line not to cross, and some freakish assmongrels really take serious leaps and bounds over it. These lapses in human intelligence really put my nuts in a chokehold. The only thing worse than excessive condiment use is eating weird shit. I had a friend who sucks the ends off of burnt matches. He says the stuff on the end tastes salty. Well cum tastes salty too, but you don't see me - Well, you get the picture. My sister eats popcorn butter out of the microwave bags. I tried it once and puked everywhere. It left this film on the roof of my mouth and made me gag. And the worst part of eating weird shit is when people eat weird shit in weird ways. I've got an aunt who lets her cheerios sit in the milk for about half an hour, then drains the milk and eats the soggy pulp left behind. Worse, she buys a generic brand and puts salt on it. I don't go over to her house, simply because of this anomaly of human taste. As I watched now, the kid with the curly hair kept on eating his fries like that. He had ten packets of ketchup left, and he was going to eat them all, that sick fuck. I couldn't watch anymore so I tried to turn away, but everywhere I looked you see more of this circus shit. A guy was filling his baked potato with ranch and spinach. A girl was eating her salad with marinara sauce. Another was taking cold pizza and dipping it into jelly. The entire cafeteria gleamed with such displays of shit that could make you retch that I just stared at my hands. I usually didn't come in here, because my girlfriend packs me a sandwich everyday. However, today she wasn't here, so I decided to buy lunch. Big fuckin' mistake. The choices were poor, so I ended up getting this chicken burger with a bun that was filled with perspiration from sitting under a heat lamp in a plastic bag. The fries were dry, and I could tell this was probably a batch that had been reheated a few times over the week. Still, like an blind old bastard, I ate it up. Hunger can help you stomach virtually anything. My next wrong move was picking a table where I knew a few people. Worse idea. The guy sitting next to me was eating a sandwich on wheat bread, and all that was on it was a piece of lettuce and some jello. I don't understand how he even came to that conclusion. How low does one have to sink into late-night reality TV to have your brains rot out of your fuckin' head and come up with this Nobel Prize winner. In a true burst of scientific awareness, he experimented with this ridiculously tarded idea and obviously can't taste for shit. Regardless of his reasons, he still deserves an asskicking for such crazy shit. I wasn't going to talk to him anymore. I don't care what he had to offer, an exchange of anything more than "Hi!", "Hey, get the fuck out of my face", was the future. After watching this ridiculous ass goblin eat I would hardly be able to speak to him. I turned my back and dug my nose into a book like it was Britney Spears' asscrack but couldn't pay much attention. It was Catcher in the Rye, and I really didn't have the patience for it in such a crowded and noisy environment. Also the couple a table over was making out, and the girl was giving him a handjob under the table. You'd think two young kids getting frisky would be able to arouse some erotic impulse in someone's brain, but these were some of the ugliest chuts I'd ever seen. They'd also fight constantly, and there's nothing I hate more than mean, ugly bitches. They have no redeeming qualities, and just suck along the bottom of the tank, scrounging for any scrap of affection, even it comes with STDs. At this point I was pretty much in the thick of this cum bubble of idiocy, and was ready to get the hell out. I got up and slipped past a few more batshit morons on the way to the door, and was on the verge of pushing it open and reaching a little liberation when a balding tan guy caught me by the arm and told me I had to stay until the bell rang. I told him that my pants were full of warm brown foam and that I needed to clean up but the assclown pursed his lips and pointed at my seat. So I waded back into the sea of tards, and kept giving the clock random glances while covering my ears so as to dampen the annoying outbursts of high-pitched squealing some dumb bitch thought was laughter. The pure hatred due to these many insane annoyances and idiosyncracies was finally building. I squirmed and pressed my legs against the bottom of the table. I felt something damp and pulled away, only to find gum trailing from it's domain under the table. This pushed me to the edge. It gave me the feeling of some smartassed ratdick slapping in the face repeatedly, and I didn't even notice what the fuckbag across the table was doing until he was in the middle of the tardtastic ritual. He had opened the backside of a milk carton, and stuck a straw into the front. He was sucking out of the front of the straw and getting his mouth full, then spitting it back into the chocolate pint, mingling his gross ass spittle with the rest of the milk. If there's anything I really hate, it's saliva. I can't stand the look, the smell, and I certainly couldn't take this fucking shitbag giving this performance of asshattery right in front of me. As he was about to take another sip, I slapped it from his hands. He started and gave me a look of incredulity, "What the fuck do you-" "NO, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, SHIT HEAD?" I shouted in answer to his dumbass question. He opened his mouth to speak but I rapped him on the face, "NO, SHUT THE FUCK UP! THAT'S THE GROSSEST SHIT I'VE EVER SEEN, FUCKBURGER! YOU SHOULD BE GLAD THAT WHATEVER POWER THAT KEEPS THE UNIVERSE FROM JUST BLOWING THE FUCK UP DIDN'T SMITE YOUR FAGGOT ASS!" I leapt up and got the fuck out of there. The teachers were too busy chatting up a couple of seniors girls, who looked upon these old fucks with eager and excited faces. I pushed open the metal doors and ran down the hallway swearing on my dead grandfathers tits that I would never subject myself to such belligerent faggotry again.

Random lnsanity / NCAA Topic
« on: April 06, 2008, 12:50:23 am »

So damn cool... We stomped the shit outta UCLA, and we're gonna stomp Kansas too. We broke history today, first team to get 38 wins in one season. People can't question the team's ability anymore. We're the best, and it's time for all these faggots to admit that. The only way to win a game against us is by a fluke, unless someone wants to keep parading on about how our success is just luck.

Seriously, it's time to whoop ass before Rose and the others leave for the NBA.

Random lnsanity / Oh yeah
« on: March 23, 2008, 03:43:25 pm »
I was in NY for about a week, got back thurs. All kinds of cool new shirts and stuff. Neato.

Random lnsanity / GODDAMN BOXHEAD
« on: March 14, 2008, 11:20:33 pm »
Hi score list: http://scores.crazymonkeygames.com/hs/listscores.php?id=335

I get the best score I've ever gotten, and beat even the top on the today score, boosting me into the all-time ratings as well, due to a new technique I've developed called the "death train". I die and start uploading my score... I'm playing on the crazy monkey games website, btw, and I notice it's taking longer than usual. So, I screenshot my score while uploading.


Then, it gives me this message.


Fuck that game and its shitty hi-score list.

Random lnsanity / IT's snowing!
« on: March 07, 2008, 03:17:18 pm »
Ah, finally, I've been waiting all year for this.

Anyone else seen snow this year? I live in TN, so we don't get it often.

Random lnsanity / Conquerclub topic
« on: March 07, 2008, 11:36:59 am »
I've decided to revive this RI tradition, which was very popular among all of our old standbys, like Cheese, Azural, Delta, C-Zom, Blewski, Delta, and many others. I hope our newer members and older members find common ground in this kickass game. Without further ado, I unveil CONQUERCLUB!!!


All you have to do is make an account, then you're free to join any game you want.

Anyone up for a match?

Random lnsanity / WTF
« on: February 17, 2008, 09:25:46 pm »

Random lnsanity / What am I doing? You guessed it...
« on: February 16, 2008, 09:46:50 pm »
Only the families represent blocs and groups within CN. Should RIA be one person, or be multiple houses? Also, what other alliances should be in it?

Random lnsanity / Want 200 posts added to your postcount?
« on: February 11, 2008, 03:24:53 pm »
Give me your email and complete the registration for this gaming website called instantaction.com.

You never have to use it, I just want the points to see what you can do on this site.

Random lnsanity / Phantom Planet
« on: February 10, 2008, 12:26:43 am »
Holy FUCK.

Ma woman had "The Guest" on her Ipod.


Holy shit, this album is awesome.

Random lnsanity / NEW RULE
« on: February 08, 2008, 12:14:47 am »
Repeatedly Disparaging The Beatles' music will now result in perma-ban.

They defeat all other bands in all terms, sales, popularity, awesomeness, musically, greatnessly,... All ways that are good.

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